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Customer Feedback

"Without Jo's support during my university degree I do not know where I would be. Her study skills support and her knowledge, skills and understanding has been incredibly helpful! Thank you Jo!"

"I can’t emphasise enough just how valuable Jo’s support and guidance has been for me. She was at all times professional, patient and calm, no matter how difficult I was finding the work. Jo made it easy to see how to improve my work. She improved my study skills with a wealth of useful resources and information sheets. Jo helped keep me focussed and kept my morale high throughout my degree. I really couldn’t have managed without her. Thank you"

Dear Dragonfly Ltd,

I met with a student today.  She wanted to express her appreciation for all the support  Jo has provided for her Assistive technology training.


Jo is Highly professional, well versed and has a great ability to communicate with people that have specific needs related to impairment.  Jo is Sympathetic and was able to put Juanita at ease in her home.


She wanted to say thank you!

Best wishes

University of Winchester 

"Jo was an excellent trainer, not only did she help me understand how to use all the software but also introduced me to various other apps which are very beneficial to my studies. She is such a lovely person which made session fun and interesting. I recommend these training sessions to anyone with dyslexia as you will learn a wide range of skills and tools which are very applicable to yours studies and can also be used in the work place. Thank you Jo!"

"I am so pleased that Dragonfly (Jo) was my DSA assistive technology trainer. It was great that Jo was able to come to my home to provide face-to-face training. She was friendly and made me feel at ease. Jo was very patient to go over anything I was confused about (as many times as I needed) and she made me feel comfortable to ask any questions. Jo empowered me to decide which technology I wanted training on each week (depending on my academic needs at the time), but was also happy to make suggestions based on her experience of how the different technology worked together. I was amazed by how much could be done with all the technology and how you can use the different types together. I would never had known this if I hadn't received the training! Jo provided additional support outside of the training sessions through a document of easy to follow instructions that she developed. She was also happy for me to email her with technical questions, which I really appreciated.  Jo also identified some additional technology that would be useful to support me in my studies. She reminded me about scheduled training sessions in advance, which was also very helpful. I would definitely recommend Dragonfly for assistive technology training. Thanks so much Jo!”

"Jo was an amazing trainer; she taught me how to use the equipment with great efficiency and effect. I enjoyed my sessions with Jo as she understood by difficulties and was able to relate well to how I struggle. I enjoyed my training so much I miss it now! However Jo taught me so well that I am able to share my experience and training knowledge with others now. She is dedicated to helping people with disabilities this is clear when she is training, as she has empowered me to be able to work independently and now I am able to achieve what I knew I could and show this is my written work. Thank you so much Jo :-)"

"Dragonfly Training made me feel comfortable and at ease during all my training sessions. The trainers were happy to answer questions and took appropriate time to show me the software packages and equipment without any rush. Furthermore, the trainers also responded to email queries efficiently and promptly! Would highly recommend Dragonfly Training to any individuals/organisations looking for skilled and able trainers with an authentic desire to assist".

"Well, I have learned so much useful stuff to do on the computer. It's amazing, I can't believe what you can do on these machines. It will be very helpful during my degree course Thank you Jo very much, not a moment wasted, and you are so clever."

"Hi Jo

I just had to say thank you so very much for the equipment and training .. Is is really proving its worth and I am very grateful..The last stroke I had has taken its toll and I am struggling to find the energy to get back on my feet but despite this there have been times when my mind is alert and needs stimulation .. from bed or couch Ive been able to read notes into the dictation machine and to my amazement I've not only remembered how to download, I've even worked out how to transcribe! I hope you feel good about the job you're doing because from where I am lying you have made a huge difference to the quality of my life and I thank you. Jo I have never and don't normally do this type of open praise, I'm sure you know me well enough to realise just how private and reserved a person I am.  Thanks to you I now have the quality of life  I thought unobtainable and I am so very grateful .... Vivien Hawker” 

"Jo was amazing from the first session to the last. Her patience and understanding was exceeded all expectations. Without her training and support regarding the software especially Dragon and Mind Map I would definitely have left the course. I cannot thank her enough."

A Testimonial From A Tutor Of A Student

"You have been spending some time with one of my students and I am just mailing to say how very much I have appreciated your help. I have seen a marked and dramatic improvement in the students submitted work over the year that is largely down to your teaching and assistance. He is now pretty tech savvy, his recording and documentation of his practical projects is more streamlined and his increased confidence is really pleasing to see and work with- Nice one!

I see a lot of students who haven’t been enabled  to excel in the more academic fields of their previous education and I feel the combination of brains and brawn (practical based learning) is something that can tease out some real strengths and help integrate their wishes and career aspirations  with a society more appreciative of ‘traditional’ learning. It has been very rewarding to see how the student has progressed." 

More Testimonials From Students 

"The session gave me all the skills I needed in an easy to understand manner. The tutor was very patient and amicable and a very good communicator, who explained what I needed to know in a no nonsense easy to understand manner. Thanks.”

"Honestly, I don't know what I would have done without the support and guidance of Dragonfly. They have been amazing with helping me understand new software and new ways of learning that will benefit me throughout my studies and chosen career. I can't thank them enough.” 

"I just wanted to say that the training I have received by Jo, was VERY helpful. She was always on time, and always ready to teach me how to use all the different programs on my computer. Never had a problem getting in contact with Jo, once I sent her an e-mail I received a respond straight away. I just wanted to say THANK YOU Jo, for making me feel more confident with the programs I will use at the university!” 

"Thank you so much Jo for all your help. Without you and your support I wouldn't have got very far with my essays. All the software and equipment has really helped. Having the right equipment had also helped my confidence a lot more with Uni work, and I hope it will continue in the future (:” 

"I think it showed from the moment we started the training and i couldn't work Skype how much i needed your help with my new laptop! A huge huge thank you for your time and patience, i feel i could drop you a message any time and you would be there to help :) support you don't come by easily, Cheers Jo!” 

"Jo was extremely helpful and patient with me. I liked how she paced her teaching to my ability. She was always prompt in arrival and friendly. My IT skills and ability to do this part of my course has been immensely helped by her assistance. Many thanks Jo" 

"Many thanks Jo for your training sessions covering use of specalised software for my university course. Whilst I already had a good grounding of computer literacy, I found the sessions to be useful and informative. The functionality of the software will be extremely helpful given my medical conditions. Thank you again for you time and instruction.”